Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First time out in the 2014 Native Watercraft Slayer Propel

Back in July 2013 while I-cast was going on Woody with Native Watercraft introduced the new Slayer Propel 13. To say I was a little excited to hear the specs was a HUGE understatement. A kayak that excelled at pedaling and paddling. The width is only 33" and it feels like a normal paddle kayak. Here is the video that got me excited......

Well fast  forward a few months and I got to demo the Slayer Propel 13 for myself.

Native Watercraft has touched on a kayak design that has the potential to lend itself to many styles of fishing and pleasure. I'm extremely excited to see what the Slayer Propel 13 will be capable of in the future.

Monday, July 7, 2014


A couple of years ago I picked up a 3wt TFO fly rod. I went trout fishing with it and had a good time. Well last year I bought another heavier TFO fly rod for bass fishing. I have had it out a couple times but haven't really given it an honest chance. I would bring it with me but it would play second fiddle to the conventional style fishing rods. Well, today was different. I told myself I would take ONE rod and it was only going to be a fly rod.  
My 8-10 MINI-MAG it was to be. I really enjoy casting with this rod but just haven't gotten into larger bass with it. Today I decided to do things a little differently.  I left the kayak at home and hit the bank. I set off to a new area of Ray Roberts that I haven't explored before. It was out on the main lake with rocks and moss as the primary cover for bass.

A lot of the shoreline was covered with small pebbles and drift wood.
I found an old concrete structure that appeared to be what was left of a an old storm cellar.

Also some substantial stairs leading down to it. I'll have to remember the location for when the lake isn't 9' low like it is now.
I also saw these formations in the rocks. Not sure if some were fossils or just from erosion.  

The first bass came pretty quick all be it small.
I looked down to see this guy swimming up to me. I guess he thought  I might share my catch with him.
It was hard to ignore the mayfly hatch at times. They too seemed to like hitching a ride.

I even had a few dragon flies landing on me and hanging around while I fished.

I'll have to remember this pattern if I ever get good enough at tying flies.

As the day progressed I caught a handful of these little guys,

I even managed to catch a crappie too.

The sunfish had built a lot of spawning pads and were busy doing their thing.

It's been awhile since I walked the bank to fish. I did pretty good finding lost baits along the way.

Well, towards the end of the day I managed to hook up with one decent bass. This guy put up a great fight and reminded me what a blast catching a larger bass on the fly rod really was. All and all I considered it to be a good day. I got to see some pretty cool terrain I hadn't seen before, lots of wildlife out doing their thing, and was blessed to catch a few fish on the fly. Today I fished by myself and really connected with God and his creation. You know, I really had a good time fishing with the fly rod again. I need to do this more often....

Monday, June 30, 2014


Lately I've had a few people asking me what is the easiest way to load and unload the Slayer Propel. If you take the chair and the drive off it's weight is 85 lbs allowing it to be picked up and moved around by the average Joe. Or a cart can be utilized to move it to and from the water.  But the question comes up about how durable the non-retractable rudder is. Well I don't advise it, but I have unloaded the kayak and set it down directly on the rudder on occasion with out damage.  I have however came up with a easier way to load and unload it from a trailer. This technique work well with the Slayer Propel or any kayak for that matter. 

When pulling it off the trailer just place the stern in the water allowing the kayak to float up and not dragging the ground. It works just the same when loading it up.  I did a little short video to show how it's done. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


With all the water we have covering Texas it makes for a perfect playground for the kayaker wanting to explore nature. The TPWD is working hard to create places with a ease of access to get to the beautiful waters. I truly hope this idea catches on and grows.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yak Attack X-Grip

I think I might have found a nice way to securely hold my phone while out on the water in the kayak.

I found a device called the " X-Grip" by Yak Attack that holds my I-phone tightly when not in use. If I want to take it out to use the phone I just spread the arms and the phone releases quickly. The Slayer Propel drive comes stock with a hole drilled and tapped at the top of the Propel unit so the X-grip screws directly in the supplied accessory hole.

 That location on the drive was ideal for the camera to be located. I haven't had the opportunity to take it out yet but it looks like it will be ideal for taking selfies while holding a big ole' bass. Heck, I might even enjoy a little music while I'm out now.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I spoke to Native Watercraft and was told that the new thumbscrews for the battery boxes will fit the bungee anchors. I tried them and they fit (and look great). I'll be ordering extras to change them out.